The Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation aims at consolidating support from all sectors of society and raising funds to sustain the University's institutional advancement. Since its inception, the Foundation has received staunch support from the community with a steady growth in both the donation amounts and the number of members, bringing resources to the University for realising its highest educational dreams.

All contributions received from our donors signify their trust in the University. Therefore, irrespective of the donation amount, we will make optimum use of every dollar in a pragmatic and prudent manner. We expect to maximise the benefit of the donations by leveraging our limited resources, and fully integrating them with the University's development strategy, to nurture the leaders of the next generation.

HKBU is now undergoing a crucial period in its development. The University aspires to become the regional leader in whole person education, delivering academic excellence and innovation in all its endeavours, by the year 2020. In its efforts to achieve this goal, the University has experienced in recent years growing pressure on its resources. There has been a noticeable increase in expenditure on teaching and research, as well as campus development and internationalisation, all of which require substantial funding support. The HKBU Foundation has taken it upon itself to raise funds to provide the driving force for the University's sustainable development.

With the dual purpose of acquiring more funding resources and extending the support base of the University, we are eager to invite more individuals and organisations that share our vision to join the HKBU Foundation, thereby building a solid financial base for the University's advancement. I hope you will learn more about the HKBU Foundation and its work through this website, and you are most welcome to join with us in nurturing additional outstanding talent for the benefit of society.

Dr. Wilfred Wong, GBS, JP
Chairman, Board of Governors
Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation