CLAP for Youth@JC

07 May 2020

Data of the Census and Statistics Department show that about 3.8% of the youth population in Hong Kong was not in employment or education. Assisting their integration to the community has therefore become an important social issue. Supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, CLAP for Youth@JC (CLAP) was launched in 2015 to help NEET youths (Not in Employment, Education or Training) to navigate their futures.

According to Professor Victor Wong from HKBU’s Department of Social Work, Principal Investigator of CLAP’s Community-based Team, the Project is different from traditional outreach and youth services. It does not simply help youths find a status or place within mainstream society. Instead, through various workshops and the help of career and life planning teams, CLAP helps youths to identify their potential and explore the meaning of career development. Also, his team has introduced all-rounded CV360® for participants, which aims to provide a more comprehensive overview of a person by attaching importance to life experiences on top of academic qualification.

As of February 2020, over 9,900 youths have been served and benefitted from the Project. You are welcome to visit CLAP’s website to learn more about the Project.

“When people in mainstream society look at these marginalised teenagers, I hope they will see their potential, rather than academic qualifications. Academic qualifications are important, but experience is equally important."

Professor Victor Wong Cheong Wing
Professor, Department of Social Work, HKBU
Principal Investigator (Community), CLAP for Youth@JC

“After joining this project, I realise that I may have potential in caring for pets and other service industries as well. Besides developing my career in design, there are indeed many other options!”

Po Ying
Participant of CLAP for Youth@JC


 The “Small Animal Caretaking and Internship Programme” under the Project
 CLAP’s youth photography team has offered photography services to various companies and organisations