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“I believe the integration of Chinese medicine with modern medical science will create notable benefits for humanity.”
Cheung On Tak Charity Foundation
Mr. Cheung On Tak
“I hope this first-ever associate professorship endowment at HKBU and the continuous support from our Foundation will help advance the development and internationalisation of Chinese medicine, to elevate its status in modern medicine.”
Chair of the Vincent and Lily Woo Foundation
Ms. Alice Woo
“We wish that the establishment of this endowed professorship can help HKBU’s Academy of Film nurture more future talents, thereby bringing fresh blood to the industry.”
Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited
Dr. Hung Yeung Pong Wah
“We hope that this endowed professorship will serve as recognition of the Department of Music’s contribution and achievements in the University’s drive to assist students in reaching a high level of musical and intellectual development.”
Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited
“By embracing modern sciences while maintaining strong traditional Chinese medicine components, I think HKBU’s School of Chinese Medicine is ready to take a leading role in the modernisation of traditional Chinese medicine as well as promoting it to the world.”
Professor Jia Wei
Cheung On Tak Endowed Professor in Chinese Medicine
“I wish I can identify specific biomarkers and active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines through innovative means, so as to develop an objective standard and help foster the standardisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine.”
Dr. Han Quanbin
Vincent V.C. Woo Endowed Associate Professor in Chinese Medicine
“Good storytelling is the key to a successful film or TV programme. In fact, it is also a skill that can bring benefit beyond the film industry, as it can connect people by helping them understand one another.”
Professor Man Shu Sum
Dr. Hung Yeung Pong Wah Endowed Professor in Film and Television
“One should always challenge traditional disciplinary boundaries and invent new approaches through new technologies to expand artistic opportunities for broad and meaningful social engagements: arts for everyone, from professional arts practitioners to participants of all abilities.”
Professor Johnny M Poon
Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Endowed Professor in Music
Widening Horizons and Breaking Convention

Widening Horizons and Breaking Convention

Professor Johnny M Poon, Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Endowed Professor in Music

22 October 2020