Endowed Chairs 2017

每個冠名講座教授席的設立,標誌着大學與捐款人締結的夥伴合 作,期待這項饒有意義的計劃吸引更多同路人的支持,以知識回 饋社會。 T he establishment of each endowed chair signi es the partnership between the University and our supporters. We hope that more people who share our vision will join us and provide support for this meaningful scheme that will make the best use of our knowledge and expertise for the bene t of humankind. Mr. Cheng Yan Kee, BBS, JP Chairman of the Council and the Court Hong Kong Baptist University 「冠名講座教授席」計劃將會協助我們 吸納最出色的學者,在尖端的學術道路 上砥礪前行,推進科研創新,拓闊學生 環球視野。 T he Endowed Chairs Scheme will attract the world’s greatest minds to HKBU to promote world-class, ground- breaking research and broaden students’ horizons. 香港浸會大學校董會暨諮議會主席 鄭恩基先生 , BBS , JP 1 Professor Roland T. Chin President and Vice-Chancellor Chair Professor of Computer Science Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學校長 計算機科學系講座教授 錢大康教授