Endowed Chairs 2017

An “Endowed Chair” is among the highest honours that can be bestowed upon prominent academics at Hong Kong Baptist University in recognition of their accomplishments and in support of their scholarly endeavours. Established thanks to the backing of philanthropic benefactors, the Endowed Chairs Scheme aims to recruit and retain the world’s top scholars, thereby strengthening our research capacity, extending the frontiers of knowledge and nurturing upcoming talents and leaders for society. The Scheme also provides remarkable opportunities for visionary donors to partner with the University in advancing ground-breaking research and academic excellence in their chosen disciplines for the betterment of humankind. Thus, it is a resounding acclamation of the merits of the appointed faculty and also serves as an enduring tribute to the generous supporters whose role is instrumental in the establishment of such positions. Since its launch in 2006, the Endowed Chairs Scheme has been enthusiastically received and is invaluable in enriching the resources available to the University. The Scheme is an immense source of encouragement in our endeavours to scale new heights of success while faithfully following our distinctive trajectory towards becoming a leading liberal arts University in Asia for the world. 冠名講座教授席計劃 「 冠名講座教授席」是香港浸會大學授予校內傑出學者的其中一項最崇高榮譽, 以表彰他們的貢獻,並支持他們的學術活動。此計劃透過熱心人士慷慨捐資而 成立,旨在延攬及挽留國際頂尖人才,從而壯大浸大的研究實力,開拓各知 識領域,啟迪後學並為社會培育英才。與此同時,它為高瞻遠矚的仁人善長 提供寶貴的機會,與浸大結為夥伴,襄助其自選範疇的教研發展,俾使不斷 突破創新,力臻卓越,造福社群。因此,「冠名講座教授席」不但是對優秀學 者輝煌成就的表揚,同時亦是向樂善好施的捐贈者致以恆久敬意。 自 2006 年推出以來,「冠名講座教授席」計劃獲各界熱烈響應,為大學帶來充 裕的資源,使其得以精益求精,繼續向成為立足亞洲、惠及全球並具領導地位之 博雅大學的目標邁進。 Endowed Chairs Scheme