Commemorative Chair

To honour the establishment of each Endowed Professorship, a commemorative chair crafted in the style of the Ming Dynasty is specially made. Chairs are used to symbolise authority, status and prestige. This “official’s hat chair” (its shape resembles the hat worn by government officials in ancient China) with its protruding edges has a clean design and a graceful outline. Above the University’s emblem engraved on the chair’s back splat, a customised plaque bearing the name of the Endowed Professorship is mounted, making each commemorative chair in itself a unique artwork.

Ming-style furniture not only represents the zenith of the classical Chinese furniture arts, but also claims a place in the history of world furnishings. Characterised by its use of fine materials, simple structure, pragmatic design, moderate proportion, minimal decorations and exquisite craftsmanship, Ming-style furniture embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Such a design philosophy echoes the unadorned, practical spirit of the HKBU family, exemplifying the University’s motto – Faith and Perseverance. Precision is a crucial element in the making of traditional Chinese furniture. By fitting each tenon one by one into a mortise, a complete piece of furniture is crafted without the use of a single nail or any glue. The chair is undoubtedly an artwork that combines art with science. Its meticulous production also implies our scholars’ conscientiousness and prudence in teaching and research.

In recognition of our benefactors’ generous support, a commemorative chair will be presented to each of them as a token of our appreciation and a remembrance of their partnership with the University.