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Dr. William K.L. Fung, SBS, OBE, JP 
Director of the Fung Hon Chu Foundation

“Amid a growing trend of globalisation, future leaders should be aware of how our world and history are made, and be committed to shaping our future from a global perspective. We wish that as the Endowed Professor in Humanics, Professor Erni can help broaden young people’s minds and vision, thereby nurturing the next generation of outstanding all-round leaders for our community.”

 Fung Hon Chu Endowed Professorship in Humanics –
endowed by the Fung Hon Chu Foundation

The Fung Hon Chu Endowed Professorship in Humanics was established with the generous donation from the Fung Hon Chu Foundation in 2006 to commemorate the late Mr. Fung Hon Chu as well as the 100th anniversary of the Li & Fung Group. It is the Fung family’s wish that this Endowed Professor will help the University uphold its mission of Whole Person Education and cultivate all-round talents for the benefit of society.

The late entrepreneur Mr. Fung Hon Chu, OBE, is the son of Mr. Fung Pak Liu, the founder of the Li & Fung Group. Before the Second World War, Mr. Fung came to Hong Kong and established the company’s first branch in the territory. Led by Mr. Fung, the second generation of the Fung family took a dominant role in the company and made Li & Fung one of the leading exporters in Hong Kong. An active participant in public services, Mr. Fung served as a Member of the Urban Council, as well as an Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council. He was awarded the Badge of Honour by Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom in 1955. He was appointed as Justice of the Peace in 1960 and became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1965.

Dr. Victor Fung and Dr. William Fung, sons of Mr. Fung Hon Chu, are brilliant entrepreneurs. With their extraordinary leadership and sharp business acumen, they have steered the Li & Fung Group, which is now called the Fung Group, to operate on a global scale, transforming it into an internationally renowned business conglomerate. The Fung brothers care about society and give unstinting support to higher education as well as research. Through the Fung Hon Chu Foundation, the Li & Fung Foundation and the Victor and William Fung Foundation, they have made generous donations to assist the advancement of many local and overseas universities. They have also launched a variety of education initiatives, such as the Fung Scholars Programme and the Fung Service Leadership Initiative in Hong Kong, to promote leadership development.