Message from Chairman of the Council and the Court

Universities are the sources of new knowledge and cradles for future elites, and the key for universities in fulfilling these roles is the establishment of a strong cohort of brilliant scholars, researchers as well as educators. HKBU is certainly no exception to this rule.

To assist us in strengthening our capacity in these areas by recruiting world-class scholars, HKBU has been in partnership with dedicated social and business leaders to establish a variety of Endowed Professorships. Thanks to our benefactors’ generous backing, a succession of Endowed Professorships in an array of disciplines ranging from humanities, science, music, film and television to Chinese medicine, have been founded. Additional endowed professorships in areas where we have a proven edge in capability and are also impactful on society are to be founded in the near future. We have high expectations that the eminent professors holding these Endowed Professorships lead us in contributing to society by conducting innovative research, facilitating knowledge transfer, as well as by cultivating talents and injecting new impetus into various sectors vital to the community at large.

As talent is above all a critical determinant in the successful implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan 2018-2028, we are recruiting scholars around the world who will turn HKBU into a global talent pool. On behalf of the University, I therefore sincerely invite all sectors of the community who share our vision to render their support to this meaningful Endowed Professorships Scheme. Your contribution will not only help our high-calibre scholars to persevere in their quest for excellence, but also fully utilise their profound expertise for the benefit of all humankind.

Dr. Clement C.J. Chen, GBS, JP
Chairman of the Council and the Court
Hong Kong Baptist University