Dr. Polly Cheung gives support to HKBU SEED Fund

21 May 2020

Dr. Polly Cheung, Honorary Vice-President of the HKBU Foundation, recently made a generous donation of HK$500,000 to the University in support of its newly established HKBU SEED Fund.

A pioneer in breast cancer treatment in Hong Kong, Dr. Cheung is the founder of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Over the years, she has embarked on the promotion of breast health education as well as the development of prevention and treatment in breast cancer. She was a member of the Council and the Court of HKBU and was bestowed Honorary Fellowship in 2018 in recognition of her remarkable contribution to society. Dr. Cheung has been very supportive of the University’s advancement particularly our student exchange programme. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Cheung for her gift to help HKBU provide timely support for our students during such difficult time.

The University recently launched the Project SEED and the HKBU SEED Fund, which aim to support our graduating students by collaborating with the HKBU community to provide various career, mentorship and internship opportunities.