Ever since its inception, the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation has devoted itself to the vital task of raising funds to enable the University to forge ahead and harness the full strength of our concerted efforts and collective wisdom.  Thanks to the staunch support secured from numerous members of the community, the Foundation has grown steadily in terms of membership, and the funds raised have provided a sound financial foundation for HKBU to realise its aspirations.

HKBU will advance at a brisk pace in the next ten years – the University has already rolled out its 10-year Institutional Strategic Plan, the key to fulfilling our mission to become a leading research-led liberal arts University in Asia for the world.  Being the solid bedrock for HKBU, the Foundation is going to play an ever more critical role.  We shall be proactive in attracting more people who share our vision to join the Foundation family, and raise the funds necessary for strengthening the University’s capabilities, promoting its technological innovations, and enriching our students’ learning experience.

Our members’ longstanding support has put the Foundation on a strong footing.  Furthermore the Foundation’s Entrepreneur Committee and Alumni Committee have offered a wealth of sage advice on fundraising strategies.  In 2018, apart from inviting a number of distinguished community leaders to join our Board of Governors and the Entrepreneur Committee, the Foundation has established the Young Entrepreneur Committee, a move to bring in fresh blood and new insights to further broaden HKBU’s support base and facilitate its fundraising work.

I am truly honoured to take up the post of Chairman commencing in 2018 and keenly look forward to working with all members.  Sparing no efforts, we shall consolidate our existing edge and grasp new opportunities, enabling the Foundation to continue to grow and prosper and thereby help the University scale new heights of achievement.  I hope you will learn more about the HKBU Foundation and its work through this website, and you are most welcome to join us in building for a brighter future.

Dr. the Hon. Kennedy Y.H. Wong, BBS, JP
Chairman, Board of Governors
Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation