Mr. Cheng Yan Kee, BBS, JP Former Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU

Numerous entrepreneurs, charitable foundations, social leaders and alumni have rendered their support for HKBU’s Endowed Chairs Scheme. Their contributions have helped our professors lead us in the search for knowledge and facilitate knowledge transfer. We hope more and more people will come and join us, making our world a better place to live.

Professor Roland T. Chin President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited for its generous support for the Institute of Creativity.  Innovative research is one of the strategic directions of HKBU.  We seek to foster frontier and interdisciplinary research for the betterment of mankind. The Institute also organises a wide range of educational activities that provide platforms for the exchange of creative ideas across various disciplines so as to inspire students’ creativity and stimulate public interest in the latest discoveries and cutting-edge research.

Professor Rick Wong Vice-President (Research & Development) and Dean of Graduate School of HKBU

Research is the cornerstone of the University’s academic development.  With the support of the Mr. Kwok Yat Wai and Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Graduate School Development Fund, the Graduate School is able to allocate increasing resources to attracting outstanding students from throughout the world to pursue their postgraduate studies at HKBU.  Furthermore, the School can subsidise postgraduate students who undertake overseas studies and placements so as to broaden their horizons, enhance their learning capability and prepare them to become highly competent researchers with an international competitive edge so they can fully contribute to the community.

Dr. Albert Chau Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) of HKBU

Innovative Service Learning refers to students applying their professional knowledge, creativity and skills to provide novel solutions to address needs of the society in Hong Kong and beyond. Through service learning, students become more motivated at their studies, develop a greater sense of social responsibility, and have their generic competences raised. Service learning is a key for HKBU to nurturing inspired, confident, professional and ethical leaders who have commitment to the common good of humankind. 

Mr. Andy Lee Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary of HKBU

During the past few years, HKBU has embarked on a far-reaching Campus Master Plan designed to expand and rejuvenate campus facilities as well as to optimise campus spaces to cater for the needs of the University’s sustainable development.  We are deeply grateful to our benefactors whose generous contributions have made the implementation of the Plan possible, thereby providing our students and faculty members with a modern and conducive environment for interactive teaching, learning and research. 

Professor Bian Zhaoxiang Associate Vice-President cum Director and Chair Professor of Clinical Division of School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU

Under the leadership of HKBU, the project entitled the “Strategic Plan for Intellectual Asset Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine” consolidates the research strengths of top-tier Chinese medicine research institutes in Hong Kong and Mainland China in order to conduct advanced research into the application of Chinese medicine in treating inflammation, cancer and viral diseases as well as the technologies for processing Chinese medicines.  Thanks to the support of Pecan Foundation Limited, the project has made impressive progress with an increasing number of patent applications filed, which in turn has fostered the development of modernised Chinese medicines and related products.  The project preserves the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine, and at the same time promotes the modernisation and internationalisation of the industry.