Professor Huang Yu Associate Vice-President and Dean of Communication of HKBU

The School of Communication strives to nurture all-round communication professionals for the betterment of the community not just in Hong Kong, but also in Mainland China and the world at large.  With the generous support of Lam Woo Foundation Limited, the School has successfully established the Senior Reporters-in-Residence Scheme.  Under the Scheme, veteran journalists from Hong Kong and around the world such as winners of the Pulitzer Prize or members of the HKBU-Society of Publishers In Asia are brought together on the HKBU Campus annually to share their views and inspire our students and academics with their insightful wisdom.  The Scheme has enriched the contents and perspectives of journalism education in Hong Kong, thereby fostering the sustainable development of the profession. 

Professor Ricky Wong Associate Vice-President and Academic Registrar of HKBU

The establishment of the Ginseng Laboratory enables our research team to use advanced technology to explore at the molecular level the potential application of ginseng in healthcare and therapeutic treatments, thus providing a solid foundation for its future development.

Professor Lyu Aiping Dean of Chinese Medicine of HKBU and Director of the Law Sau Fai Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone & Joint Diseases

Osteosarcoma is a common primary malignant bone tumour afflicting children and adolescents. Thanks to Mr. Law Sau Fai’s generous support, our team has succeeded in developing an innovative targeted delivery system for treating the disease. In the experiments using a mouse model, the malignancy is effectively inhibited. We will proceed to apply this finding to tumour treatment.

Professor Jonathan Wong, MH, JP Director of Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre of HKBU

HKBU has always been committed to promoting environmental protection.  With donors’ support, the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre organises an array of green projects every year to increase the awareness of the general public about the importance of environmental protection and organic lifestyle in order to foster a sustainable environment for the benefit of future generations.

Professor Reza Hoshmand Director of General Education of HKBU

HKBU is committed to nurturing the whole-person development of students by introducing the General Education programme, which comprises a broad spectrum of courses.  With the benefit of private funding, we have launched the Fung Service Leadership Initiative which offers Service Leadership Education courses to assist students in bringing their potential leadership into full play and developing appropriate values through learning and hands-on experience.

Dr. Eva Wong Director of Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning of HKBU

The Arts and Cultural Education and Service Learning Programme provides our students with the opportunity, through a series of Society Watch Projects and service learning activities, to experience a variety of local cultures and to identify the needs of the underprivileged on the Mainland. Through this programme, students also develop a number of HKBU’s Graduate Attributes, such as problem-solving and teamwork skills.