Professor Justin K.H. Chiu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

Chinese medicine has become increasingly influential around the world. In fact, COVID-19 has encouraged the use of Chinese medicine in treating or preventing the pandemic. In 2021, HKBU was chosen as the operator of Hong Kong’s first-ever Chinese Medicine Hospital, which will undoubtedly be an important milestone in HKBU’s work in promoting Chinese medicine. I sincerely hope that with the use of advanced technology, HKBU will make Chinese medicine shine globally.

Dr. Ronald Lu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

In this global village, everywhere in the world is interdependent, and indeed the current pandemic in the past two years has made us realise just how closely related we all are. HKBU strives to adopt Whole Person Education with the aim of nurturing future global citizens who will be dedicated to promoting a sustainable and harmonious society, as well as leading a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle. Please continue to support HKBU!

Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP, FHKEng Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors and
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

Nowadays, the business environment for every industry in the world is extremely complex. In response to all the difficulties this poses and to become successful, perseverance and adaptability are all that we can count on. HKBU has embarked on enhancing students’ capabilities to adapt to changes and equipping them with new knowledge. HKBU students can become more creative and open-minded, so as to cope with the various unexpected challenges in life.

Ms. Rosanna Y.T. Choi Treasurer
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation and
The Council and the Court, HKBU

In a world afflicted by a seemingly unending pandemic, a fluctuating economy and tense geopolitics, tertiary institutions around the world are facing a grave challenge. Nonetheless, HKBU is fortunate to have the support of many dedicated donors, especially our members of the HKBU Foundation, whose continued support has enabled the University to move forward. With faith and perseverance, I believe that HKBU will soon become one of the leading liberal arts universities in Asia.

Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP Co-Chairman
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

In 2021, HKBU was selected by the HKSAR government as the contractor for the service deed of Hong Kong’s first-ever Chinese Medicine Hospital. This initiative will enable HKBU to maximise its strengths in Chinese medicine teaching, nurture and gather Chinese medicine talents to serve the community, and hence contribute to the overall well-being of society. I sincerely hope that all of you will continue to support the fundraising work of the HKBU Foundation.

Professor Sunny H.K. Wong Chairman
Alumni Committee, HKBU Foundation

Over the past 65 years, HKBU has nurtured more than 140,000 graduates. Many of them have achieved their ambitions and made great contributions to society, making them a strong force for good. Through the Alumni Committee of the HKBU Foundation, it is hoped that we can strengthen communication and interaction with our alumni, engaging them to participate in the advancement of their alma mater and showing the caring spirit of the HKBU community.

Dr. Chloe Suen Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

Enabling students to participate in experiential learning is one of the focuses of the Young Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation. Despite the various limitations imposed by the pandemic, instructors at HKBU and their community partners have made good use of technology to establish new forms of experiential learning and internship opportunities to serve the community. Everything is possible if we do it with our heart and soul.

Mr. Ivan S.K. Wong, JP Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

Hong Kong’s future depends on having a deep pool of talents, and young people are undoubtedly the future pillars of our society. But it needs more than rhetoric if various sectors of society are to provide abundant opportunities for the young to flex their muscles and achieve their full potential. With such a belief, we have therefore tried our utmost to promote youth development so as to help the new generation develop their career, realise their dreams, and make Hong Kong continue to grow.

Dr. Clement Chen, GBS, JP Chairman
The Council and the Court, HKBU

It has long been HKBU’s dream to operate a Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH). Being the operator of Hong Kong’s first-ever CMH, we are now working closely with the government, academia and industry so as to make the CMH an advanced, smart hospital starting operation in 2025. The use of big data and AI at the CMH will develop a new healthcare model for the future, and your support will definitely help further promote the internationalisation of Chinese medicine.

Ms. Christine O.W. Chow Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary

Amidst the pandemic and gloomy economic outlook, the HKBU Foundation is blessed to have received the continuous support from enthusiastic individuals and organisations. Their generous contributions have made various capital projects and initiatives of the University possible, which include the construction of the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity as well as strategic developments in areas such as Chinese medicine, student learning and research development. All these endeavours are conducive to HKBU’s effort in creating impactful contributions to Hong Kong and beyond.

Mrs. Lily W.L. Chan Director of University Advancement
Secretary-General of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation

The HKBU Foundation receives more than 4,000 donations annually, which have not only benefitted our teachers and students but also the community by launching innovative research and community projects. Looking ahead, HKBU will place its emphasis on Chinese medicine research and art-tech collaborations. With your invaluable backing, HKBU will continue to be at the forefront and create a greater impact on society.