Professor Justin K.H. Chiu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

Leveraging HKBU’s academic strengths and professional knowledge, the University offered free telemedicine services on Chinese medical consultations, distributed the HKBU Chinese Medicine Immunity Enhancement Remedy, and provided emotional support and counselling services to create positive energy amid the pandemic. Our contributions have been highly commended by different sectors of society. Members of the HKBU community are always supportive and caring in contributing our strengths and expertise through a variety of roles. With our caring spirit, we hope that our commitment to society will be carried forward and beyond for the benefit of Hong Kong and nearby regions.

Dr. Ronald Lu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

I am so glad to see HKBU striving to stay abreast of the world’s rapid pace of change. As Vice-Chairman of the Foundation, I am delighted to see the University nurturing creative and innovative spirits - a new generation of talented individuals who will bravely explore new horizons. I much appreciate the effort that HKBU is putting into transdisciplinary research - blending new technologies, artificial intelligence and big data as it searches for breakthroughs that will benefit all of humanity. I look forward with hope and excitement to seeing what new heights HKBU will reach in the coming years.

Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP, FHKEng Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors and
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

A person has to bear responsibility for himself – that is my motto of life. My family has collaborated with HKBU continuously over several decades since we share the same belief in contributing to the community with our professional expertise and network. I sincerely welcome all of you to the big family of the Foundation, assisting the University in nurturing future leaders who are willing to take responsibilities and utilise their strengths for the prosperity of Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Ms. Rosanna Y.T. Choi Treasurer
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation and
The Council and the Court, HKBU

Thank you so much for the generous donations that have enabled HKBU to allocate enormous resources in recent years to its strategic development. This includes the campus infrastructure, endowed professorships for recruiting top scholars, and the promotion of academic exchange and service-learning experience to facilitate innovative teaching and research projects under the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan. The University will seize every opportunity available under the Research Matching Grant Scheme and continue to strengthen its fruitful collaboration with stakeholders so as to create a synergy effect and move ahead and beyond.

Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP Co-Chairman
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

Hong Kong is positioned as the East-meets-West hub for international cultural exchange. Therefore, HKBU should fully demonstrate its areas of cutting-edge success, strengthen its teaching and research in arts and culture, and promote international exchanges for the nurturing of talents, thereby enabling HKBU become one of the key stakeholders and contributors in Hong Kong’s role.  

Professor Sunny H.K. Wong Chairman
Alumni Committee, HKBU Foundation

HKBU has more than 140,000 graduates throughout the world, and alumni networks are set up in different cities to consolidate their support for the development of their alma mater. Through this extensive network, graduates assist HKBU by providing internship opportunities to our students and offering them advice on career planning. At the same time, these networks unite HKBU alumni and help them shine in diverse corners of the world.

Dr. Chloe Suen Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

The Young Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation was established with the aim of extending the University’s support base through young and enthusiastic leaders from various sectors. With their concerted efforts, we strive to enrich students’ learning experience by providing scholarships, entrepreneurship training, internships and mentorship programmes, thereby enhancing their global competitiveness and cultivating their entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr. Ivan S.K. Wong, JP Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

In the era of globalisation, we expect graduates of HKBU to have high morale and good personalities as well as a global vision. They will take the initiative to learn about cultural, political and economic developments around the globe, with their hearts focusing on the nation and their ambition looking towards the world. Hence, the Young Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation actively assists the University in promoting exchange programmes and nurturing the next generation with global perspectives. Students can experience the life and culture overseas, advancing their careers in line with the nation’s development plan and becoming responsible world citizens.

Dr. Clement Chen, GBS, JP Chairman
The Council and the Court, HKBU

In recent years, the University has recorded outstanding performances in art-tech and research initiatives in support of the nation’s space missions. These include the design of a landing chair for crews of the spacecraft Shenzhou series; development of a novel aptamer drug for alleviating microgravity-induced bone loss in astronauts during space exploration; using new media techniques to create installations for the Hong Kong Palace Museum; and illustrations for historical stories with the aid of interactive maps. With the invaluable support of our donors, HKBU can attain such new and foremost research, promote internationalisation through the introduction of world perspectives into the campus, so that we can realise the goal of becoming a world’s liberal arts University.

Ms. Christine O.W. Chow Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary

Amidst the pandemic and gloomy economic outlook, the HKBU Foundation is blessed to have received the continuous support from enthusiastic individuals and organisations. Their generous contributions have made various capital projects and initiatives of the University possible, which include the construction of the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity as well as strategic developments in areas such as Chinese medicine, student learning and research development. All these endeavours are conducive to HKBU’s effort in creating impactful contributions to Hong Kong and beyond.

Mrs. Lily W.L. Chan Director of University Advancement
Secretary-General of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation

While the pandemic still lingers, the influence of geopolitics and high energy prices incur negative outcomes, resulting in gloomy economic conditions in Hong Kong and around the world. Amid such challenging and difficult times, HKBU is blessed by achieving impressive fundraising results for the past three consecutive years. We are profoundly grateful for all the precious donations that support us in forging ahead to nurture outstanding talents for the betterment of society.