Dr. Justin K.H. Chiu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

Knowledge can change one’s fate, while education can help one succeed. HKBU has focused on internationalisation in recent years, striving to provide a humanistic, culturally and intellectually diversified experience on campus in order to imbue its students with a global outlook. Students are warmly encouraged to participate in a variety of overseas exchange, internship and service learning activities to broaden their learning experience and raise their cultural competencies. These qualities are essential for meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities of today’s increasingly globalised world. I sincerely hope that more members of the community will support HKBU in its mission to nurture more leaders who have the broadened minds that are necessary for our times.

Dr. Ronald Lu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

It is our greatest hope that the upcoming generation can become responsible global citizens and make a positive difference to people’s lives by utilising their knowledge to the fullest, no matter what career they pursue.

For example, as an Architect my mission is to design a sustainable environment with spaces for people to live, work, play, worship and to help others in need.  At HKBU we are dedicated to nurturing students’ whole person development, encouraging them to be creative and to protect our planet earth.  The qualities that we foster in our students are essential for the leaders in the 21st century.  Such a meaningful mission on the part of HKBU truly deserves our support.

Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors and
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

With the Central Government’s launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, Hong Kong’s education sector and society face a fresh range of opportunities. Being a cradle for Hong Kong’s future leaders, HKBU has embarked on equipping its students with a global vision through joining international exchange programmes, helping them to cope with the multiple challenges posed by globalisation. It is my sincere wish that you will continue to render your support to the HKBU Foundation, thereby playing a crucial part in nurturing outstanding young talents for the country. 

Ms. Rosanna Y.T. Choi Treasurer
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation and
The Council and the Court, HKBU

The mission of the HKBU Foundation is to sustain the University’s institutional advancement by consolidating support from all sectors of society and raising funds. I am truly honoured to be invited to join the Foundation family and work with other Board Members to support HKBU in providing premier kind of Whole Person Education. I look forward to having more and more people who share our vision joining us, helping HKBU students to become inspiring, confident, professional, and ethical leaders, for the betterment of the world.

Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP Co-Chairman
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

The HKBU Foundation strives to establish an excellent platform for stakeholders who recognise HKBU’s philosophy of Whole Person Education. Through this platform they can exchange views, share thoughts and pool resources.  With our collective wisdom and concerted efforts, we can realise the University’s 10-year Strategic Plan, blueprint, thereby making HKBU into a truly world-class University. 

Mr. Sunny H.K. Wong Chairman
Alumni Committee, HKBU Foundation

Not long ago, President Roland T. Chin released the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028. I believe now it is time for the Alumni Committee to modify its action plans in order for the University to fully utilise contributions from our alumni. I wish to take this opportunity to thank President Chin and the management for enabling me to serve the University, and would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all Alumni Committee Members for their time and efforts.

Mr. Yeung Chee Kong Associate Vice-President (Engagement), HKBU

A bold start-up we were 61 years ago. That was when a group of Chinese and American Christian educators decided to create a university out of nothing. Even by today’s and tomorrow’s standard it was a visionary and daring start-up.

Like all bold start-ups, HKBU went through many challenges, such as running out of money for our loyal teachers’ salary who stood by our noble ideals without pay during the most testing times.

Today, we are in the top 300 among the 26,000 universities worldwide, i.e. among the 1.1% top universities in the world. Our students thrive because of you – our donors who share the same conviction and passion as our daring founding fathers. You are visionary donors. 

Mrs. Lily Chan Director of University Advancement
Secretary-General of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation

HKBU aspires to become a leading research-led liberal arts University in Asia for the world delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture. The University sets out its Institutional Strategic Plan for 2018-2028, which will offer the best learning experience, promote research excellence, and build up the capacity through appropriate investments in people, governance and facilities. The success in fulfilling our aspirations will count on your wise counsel and staunch support in the years ahead.