Professor Justin K.H. Chiu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

The HKBU Foundation spares no effort to support the University in its drive to complete its ten-year Institutional Strategic Plan, which includes construction of a hostel and academic building complex that will provide an innovative teaching, learning and living environment for our students. As an old saying goes, “Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs”. To help it bring this project to fruition, HKBU counts on the concerted support of our alumni and community leaders to build a quality learning environment and nurture talents for the benefit of society.

Dr. Ronald Lu Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation

In the 21st century, advanced technologies have penetrated every business and industry. Artificial intelligence will create tremendous changes throughout all professions. I am glad to see that HKBU has been able to anticipate this trend and hence is striving to promote the various aspects of data analytics and artificial intelligence, as set out in its Institutional Strategic Plan. These steps will certainly enable the upcoming generation to cope with the multiple challenges lying ahead.

Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP, FHKEng Vice-Chairman
Board of Governors and
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

Do not hesitate to do a good thing even if it is something small. Our dedicated service to society will always succeed in bringing about a better future. We have worked closely with HKBU over a long period, launching a wide variety of academic, service-learning and exchange programmes so as to nurture all-round talent. I sincerely wish that our young generation will continue to uphold our caring spirit and serve the betterment of our society.

Ms. Rosanna Y.T. Choi Treasurer
Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation and
The Council and the Court, HKBU

With the goal of delivering the best student experience and producing research of world-class quality, HKBU is sparing no effort in pressing ahead with its ten-year Institutional Strategic Plan. To bolster our teaching and research capabilities, substantial financial resources are needed. In this regard, the HKBU Foundation has taken on the vital role of soliciting support from all donors willing to help HKBU become a leading liberal arts university in Asia for the world.

Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP Co-Chairman
Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

As the Confucian saying goes, “The way of great learning consists in manifesting one's bright virtue.” Every university shares the same vision of cultivating highly ethical leaders who will commit themselves to the common good of society. It was to achieve this goal that the HKBU Foundation was established.

Professor Sunny H.K. Wong Chairman
Alumni Committee, HKBU Foundation

HKBU has over 120,000 alumni spread around the world, many of whom have contributed greatly towards their alma mater. Their support has become an indispensable source of power in HKBU’s advancement. The Alumni Committee will continue to connect alumni from different classes who have inherited the caring spirit of HKBU and help our alma mater to scale new heights.

Ms. Chloe Suen Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

The Young Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation comprises young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and social leaders. With their concerted efforts, we strive to broaden young people’s horizons and help them think about key issues from multiple perspectives, so that they can achieve their full potential and be a positive influence in creating a more vibrant Hong Kong.

Mr. Ivan S.K. Wong Co-Chairman
Young Entrepreneur Committee, HKBU Foundation

As a young entrepreneur, I fully understand the challenges that globalisation poses to contemporary societies. I and my fellow members of the Young Entrepreneur Committee will continue to offer advice and seek opportunities as well as resources to enrich students’ learning experience through entrepreneurship, internship and mentorship programmes. With their creativity and a global vision, HKBU students will be able to achieve their full potential and transform challenges into opportunities.

Dr. Clement Chen, GBS, JP Chairman
The Council and the Court, HKBU

Universities are the cradles of the future elites, while talent is the bedrock of enterprises and corporations. Partnerships between universities and industries therefore create mutual benefits. Our industry partners can disseminate technical know-how to our students, while universities can be fully aware of the industry’s latest developments. I sincerely invite all sectors of the community to support the HKBU Foundation, helping us to cultivate talents and inject fresh blood into industries.

Mrs. Lily Chan Director of University Advancement
Secretary-General of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the HKBU Foundation. Over the past decade, we have strived to secure additional resources to enhance HKBU’s teaching and research capabilities and to produce world-class research. Thanks to your backing to the Foundation, many initiatives of the University have become possible. Your support have benefited not only academics and students at HKBU, but also Hong Kong and countries around the world. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors for your untiring support and significant contributions towards the University’s development.