The Hong Kong Baptist University community has all along been blessed with high aspirations, a big heart and the spirit of perseverance and resourcefulness.  We aspire to build HKBU into one of the world’s premier educational institutions.  Since its founding 60 years ago, HKBU has consistently embraced the principle of Whole Person Education.  In keeping with this mission, it is our deeply felt belief that nurturing talent is not just about the transmission of knowledge or preparing students for their careers.  Rather, the goal is to inspire students to explore new horizons, to unlock creativity, to develop leadership skills, and to cultivate a caring attitude.

In an era of globalisation, Asia will certainly emerge as the world’s next higher educational centre of excellence.  Riding on Hong Kong’s competitive advantages and strengths, HKBU aspires to become a truly international, research-led liberal arts institution of high standing in the region.  We expect the young leaders we nurture will have a global vision, international experience, the ability to innovate, and civic responsibility.  They will play the role of global citizens in making a valuable contribution to the social advancement of the world.

Along the journey of its rapid advancement into the international arena, HKBU not only requires a critical mass of dedicated world-class scholars, but also relies crucially on support from the community and our alumni.  Over the years, the HKBU Foundation has been exemplary in providing a leadership role for the University in galvanising and securing support from the community.  This vital assistance has enabled the University to provide superlative standards of teaching and world-class research.

On behalf of our students and staff, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all Foundation members.  With your invaluable backing, we will surely be able to realise our highest mission and aspirations.


Professor Roland T. Chin
President and Vice-Chancellor
Hong Kong Baptist University