Ninth Meeting of Alumni Committee 2018-20 of HKBU Foundation

17 September 2020

(Front row from left) Mr. Philip Tsai, Mr. Tyrone Siu, Prof. Sunny Wong, Mr. Kent Tsui
and Mr. Wong Nga Chung
(Back row from left) Mrs. Lily Chan, Dr. Eddie Ho, Mr. Alex Leung, Dr. Gordon Tsui
and Mr. Yeung Chee Kong

The Ninth Meeting of the Alumni Committee 2018-20 of the HKBU Foundation was held on 17 September 2020, online and offline simultaneously. The meeting was chaired by Professor Sunny Wong, Chairman of the Committee. At the meeting, members exchanged views on a new initiative for uniting alumni. 

(Top row from left) Mr. Lau Pak Shing, Mr. Thomas Hung, Mr. Stephen Yau
and Mr. Philip Kan
(Middle row from left) Prof. Peter Kwan, Prof. Bernard Wu, Prof. James Tsien
and Prof. Harrison Ho
(Bottom row from left) Ms. Angel Hon, Dr. Melanie Lee and Prof. Dickson Shang