Visit by Young Entrepreneur Committee of HKBU Foundation

10 May 2021

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Committee (YEC) of the HKBU Foundation were invited to visit the University to find out more about its edge areas and latest development. Led by Mr. Ivan Wong, Co-Chairman of the YEC, members included Ms. Justina Chiu, Mr. Eric Chow, Mr. Edwin Lee, Mr. Felix Lio, Ms. Candy Ngan and Prof. Calvin Tse paid a visit to the campus on 10 May 2021. They were warmly received by Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation; Professor C.K. Lau, JP, Head of the Department of Journalism; Dr. Ellis-Geiger Robert Jay, Associate Director of the Academy of Film; Ms. Janet Fong, Research Assistant Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts; and Dr. Liu Jing, Coordinator of the Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine.

During the visit, the guests were showcased the featured facilities of the Department of Journalism, the Academy of Film, the Academy of Visual Arts and the School of Chinese Medicine.