In Memoriam: Mrs. Sze Ng Shuk Man

02 September 2021

The HKBU Foundation records with deepest sorrow the passing of Mrs. Sze Ng Shuk Man, donor of the University, on 2 September 2021. She was 85 years old.

Mrs. Sze was dedicated to public service together with her husband Dr. Sze Chi Ching, SBS, JP and their four sons, Mr. Ivis Sze, Mr. Irons Sze, Mr. Ivan Sze and Mr. Jaime Sze, especially in education and charitable work on the Mainland and in Hong Kong. A local kindergarten was named after Mrs. Sze. The Sze family is also a long-standing supporter of HKBU. Back in 2009, they generously donated HK$5 million in support of the University’s institutional advancement and its Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies. In recognition of the Sze family’s generosity, an exhibition gallery on the first and second floor of Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies was named Dr. and Mrs. Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery. Dr. and Mrs. Sze also made a donation in support of the Albert and Mabel Chan Exchange Scholarship in 2015.

The Foundation conveys its heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Sze’s family at this time of bereavement. She will always be remembered for her zealous support and significant contributions to the University’s development.