Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute celebrates its 10th Anniversary

30 November 2021

Supported by the Simon Suen Foundation, Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation, Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute (SHI) recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 30 November 2021. Officiating at the ceremony were Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP, Founder of the SML Group, and Mrs. Mary Suen, Honorary Directors of SHI; Ms. Chloe Suen, Chair of the Simon Suen Foundation; Professor Rick Wong, Interim Provost of HKBU; Professor Mette Hjort, Dean of Arts of HKBU; Professor Chen Zhi and Professor Zhang Hongsheng, Founding Director and Director respectively of SHI.

The ceremony was well attended by members of the HKBU Foundation and friends of the University, including Professor Jao Tsung-i’s family members, Ms. Veronica Yiu, Ms. Angeline Yiu and Dr. Tang Wai Hung; Professor Lee Chack Fan, GBS, JP; Mr. Yeung Chun Tong; Mr. Raymond Leung and Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation. Numerous scholars from different regions were also invited to participate in person or online.  

In 2011, HKBU received a generous donation of HK$30 million from the Simon Suen Foundation, designated for the establishment of the Development Fund to support the SHI’s operation, research and exchange activities relating to Chinese classical learning and sinology, especially in the area of the humanities and cross-cultural studies. Since its inception, SHI has organised a number of academic activities, providing a platform for academic exchange between prominent Chinese and foreign scholars to promote Chinese culture and Sino-Western cultural exchange. In celebration of SHI’s 10th Anniversary, on 3 December 2021, the University was grateful to receive a generous donation pledge of HK$3 million from the Simon Suen Foundation to further promote academic exchange and research in Chinese classical learning and sinology.