HKBU to release inspirational movie Pretty Heart

14 July 2022

With the generous donation of HK$5 million from HKS Education Fund Ltd., an inspirational movie “Pretty Heart” by HKBU has been produced and is set to be released on 28 July. The movie takes place in a classroom setting, telling the story of teenagers growing up as they cope with the struggles in life by supporting each other.

Created to inspire and inject positive energy into society, the movie was produced by a trio of Hong Kong’s eminent filmmakers: Mr. Fruit Chan, an award-winning director who once taught at HKBU Academy of Film; Mr. Ng Yu, BBS, a veteran media professional and an Honorary Consultant of HKBU Academy of Film; and Mr. O Sing Pui, a well-known cinematographer and director, and a part-time lecturer at HKBU Academy of Film. Directed by Mr. Ng Ka Wai, a rising young director in Hong Kong, the movie boasts a star-studded cast.

HKS Education Fund Ltd. was founded by HongKong Sales (Int’l) Ltd., with an aim to promote charity causes by blending commercial profits with philanthropy. It is a core mission for the Fund to promote the moral development among the younger generation while providing education opportunities for the young people from impoverished areas in Mainland China, with a view to nurturing talents for the betterment of society.