Visit by Mr. Joseph Han and his friends

27 September 2022

Mr. Joseph Han, Honorary Court Member of HKBU and President of Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg. (HK) Ltd.; Ms. Judy Wong, Director of Educational Development of Consilium Education Company Limited; and Mr. Lau Pak Ling, Convenor of the Academic Advisory Committee, EBZ Consilium Education Foundation, visited the University on 27 September 2022. They were warmly received by Professor Chen Hubiao, Professor in the Teaching and Research Division of the School of Chinese Medicine, and Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation, to gain a better understanding of the University’s latest development.  

During the visit, Professor Chen introduced to the guests the Chinese Herbal Garden at HKBU, and the competitive edges of the School of Chinese Medicine. They also exchanged views on the application of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology in farming, as well as promoting and strengthening the awareness of AI through primary and secondary education.