Hinrich Foundation’s staunch support for HKBU over two decades

23 February 2023


The University recently received another generous donation from the Hinrich Foundation (the Foundation) for awarding the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship to international students enrolled in the Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies programme at HKBU. This full-tuition Scholarship aims to encourage and support young professionals from developing economies in Asia to obtain a Master’s Degree in Journalism while contributing to the development of sustainable global trade.

A long-standing supporter of the University, the Hinrich Foundation supported the establishment and provision of numerous scholarships at HKBU over the years. Its first donation dates back to 2003 when the Foundation was known as The Kearny Alliance. For the past two decades, the Hinrich Foundation has made substantial donations to the University, and is currently recognised as Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation.

A respected global entrepreneur, Dr. Merle A. Hinrich is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Global Sources who is also the Honorary University Fellow of HKBU. Established by Dr. Hinrich in 2012, the Hinrich Foundation is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to advancing mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade through research and education. It offers research and teaching materials to aid the strengthening of global trade education as well as research grants for academics and scholarships to support candidates. Please click here for more information about the Foundation’s scholarships.