The 2nd HKBU Professional Journalism Fellowship calls for applications

13 February 2023
 The 2nd HKBU Professional Journalism Fellowship (PJF@HKBU) Scheme is calling for applications starting from 13 February 2023
 Through the Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund, Prof. Raymond R. Wong launched the PJF@HKBU which is the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong. The Fund was established in loving memory of Prof. Wong’s late wife

The 2nd HKBU Professional Journalism Fellowship (PJF@HKBU) Scheme is calling for applications starting from 13 February 2023. PJF@HKBU was first launched in 2022 with the support of Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund, which was set up by Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation and veteran journalist Professor Raymond R. Wong, SBS. As the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, PJF@HKBU aims to raise the standards of journalism by allowing practising journalists to take a break to study at HKBU.

The 2nd PJF@HKBU welcomes applications from full-time journalists who are employed by established Hong Kong-based news organisations and have at least five years of journalistic experience. Selected fellows will have the privilege of studying full-time at HKBU for one or two semesters, and they can attend any courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels with the prior approval of course instructors. The fellows will be granted a stipend commensurate with their respective incomes.

The two selected fellows of the first cohort, Ms. Denise Tsang and Ms. Laura Zhou, are both from the South China Morning Post and have already completed their studies at HKBU. They have altogether taken 15 courses covering subjects such as journalism, communication, politics, economics, business, history, language, film and music. They unanimously found the Fellowship a very precious and unique value-adding opportunity, which would prepare them well and help them go far in their careers. They also had fun in class and enjoyed the interactions with their classmates. As such, they highly recommend this Fellowship to their journalism peers.

Professor Raymond Li, Professor of Practice and Head of the Department of Journalism, was very pleased to learn that both fellows had gained a lot from studying at HKBU. “PJF@HKBU was highly commended by both fellows. Our students and faculty also benefitted immensely from the face-to-face exchange on campus with the fellows on their work experience. Thus, we hope the Scheme will further enhance the ties between journalism practitioners, students and faculty. We look very much forward to seeing the next group of fellows on campus.”

PJF@HKBU is one of the strategic initiatives launched under the Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund. HKBU’s School of Communication received a HK$50 million donation in 2020, the biggest single gift it has ever received, from Professor Raymond R. Wong in support of the School’s strategic development and journalism education.

The 2nd PJF@HKBU application deadline is 7 April 2023. More details are available on the scheme’s website.

Interview with Professor Raymond R Wong and the first PJF Fellows: