HKBU receives donations for the establishment of HKBU Christian Band 20th Anniversary Fund

09 March 2023
 The representative of HKBU Christian Band Alumni (left) presented a cheque to Rev. Tse Hung, Chaplain


HKBU recently received generous donations totalling HK$270,000 from more than 20 alumni of Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Band (HKBUCB) designated for the establishment of the “HKBUCB 20th Anniversary Fund” in support of the ministry of the Chaplain’s Office and HKBUCB’s development.

Chaplain Rev. Tse Hung expressed his deep gratitude to HKBUCB alumni for their generous support, which is a recognition of the University’s efforts in promoting campus ministry. He hoped that more similar funds will be established in the future to provide a stable financial support for the development of the campus ministry.

HKBUCB was established in 2002 with a mission of training Christian music ministers. Over the years, it has actively engaged in various in-campus and off-campus services, such as leading the Noontime Worship on campus on every Wednesday, assisting and co-hosting functions during Christian Emphasis Week, and participating in orientation activities for Mainland and exchange students. Through this ministry, students can uphold their Christian values with the aim of glorifying God and benefiting others through music. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of HKBUCB in 2022, its alumni expressed their gratitude to this ministry and initiated to raise funds in support of HKBUCB’s long-term development.