Members of HKBU community appointed as Members of Advisory Committee on Arts Development

06 January 2023

Mrs. Virginia Yim Tsui Yuk Shan, MH, Director of S.A.S. Lighting Company Limited, Honorary Director of the HKBU Foundation; Mr. Peter Lau Man Pong, Managing Director of the Asia One Communications Group, Honorary Vice-President of the HKBU Foundation; and Dr. the Hon. Johnny Ng Kit Chong, MH, Member of the Council and the Court of HKBU, were newly appointed by the HKSAR Government as Members of the Advisory Committee on Arts Development (ACAD). Ms. Cecilia Ho Chung Chee, President of the Lee Hysan Foundation, Honorary President of the HKBU Foundation, was re-appointed as Member of the ACAD. These appointments took effect from 1 January 2023 for a term of two years.