Dr. Cheung King Ho appointed as Vincent V.C. Woo Endowed Associate Professor in Chinese Medicine

13 April 2023

Dr. Cheung King Ho, Associate Professor of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) at Hong Kong Baptist University, was appointed as the Vincent V.C. Woo Endowed Associate Professor in Chinese Medicine in 2023. This endowed associate professorship was established to help advance the development and internationalisation of Chinese medicine as well as to elevate its status in modern medicine.

Joined HKBU in 2017, Dr. Cheung is an expert in cell signalling, molecular neuroscience and neurodegeneration and is dedicated to advancing Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical application. NeuroDefend, a novel treatment for Alzheimer’s disease developed by Dr. Cheung and his team, has been filed as a patent in the United States and Mainland China. 

Dr. Cheung has published numerous scientific papers and received a lot of citations. He also serves on the editorial boards of several renowned academic journals.  Please click here for more information about Dr. Cheung’s academic background. 

With the generous donation from the Vincent and Lily Woo Foundation, Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation, HKBU established the Vincent V.C. Woo Endowed Associate Professorship in Chinese medicine in 2020. Founded by Ms. Alice Woo, the daughter of the Woo’s family, the Vincent and Lily Woo Foundation aims to give back to society and has been supporting the developments of education in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States over the years. The Foundation has also made substantial donations to support SCM in conducting cancer related research and clinical research on Chinese medicine.