HKBU receives donation from Mrs. Shum Lam Kam Chu to set up bursary for local students

21 September 2023
 Mrs. Shum Lam Kam Chu (3rd from left) and her family joined the Donor Appreciation Ceremony in May 2023

The University recently received another gift of HK$500,000 from Mrs. Shum Lam Kam Chu designated for the establishment of the “Mrs. Shum Lam Kam Chu Bursary”. Starting from the academic year 2023-24, two bursaries of HK$10,000 each will be awarded annually to two local students in financial need.

Mrs. Shum and her family are staunch supporters of HKBU with multiple donations made to support the establishment of several scholarships, including the “Mrs. Lam Or Suk King Memorial Scholarship”, the “Shum Lam Kam Chu Chinese Medicine Scholarship”, and the “Shum Lam Kam Chu Sport, Physical Education and Health Scholarship”.