More than 50 Foundation members attended “We are BUddies” Alumni Show

30 January 2016


To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of HKBU, over 100 talented and renowned alumni and friends pooled their expertise for over a year to prepare and present “We are BUddies” Alumni Show on 30 January 2016, as a birthday gift to their alma mater. The show attracted a number of guests and alumni to attend, including Mr. and Mrs. Tsang Kai Yuen, Mr. Allan Kwong, Ms. Belinda Hung, Mr. So Chung Ping, MH, Mr. Lam Cho Kwong, Mr. Yiu Yu Hung, Dr. and Mrs. Lee Shiu, Mr. William Leung, BBS, JP and Mrs. Agnes Leung, Dr. and Mrs. Justin Chiu, Dr. Chiu Chun Bong, MBE, JP and Mrs. Luna Chiu, Mr. and Mrs. So Wing Kin, Miss Chloe Suen, Dr. Eddie Ho, other HKBU Foundation members as well as supporters, staff and students of the University.

Please click here for details of the Alumni Show.