Election Meeting cum First Meeting of Board of Governors 2018-20 of HKBU Foundation

25 January 2018
 (Front row from left) Dr. Moses Cheng, Dr. Simon Suen, Dr. Justin Chiu, Ir Prof. K.K. Wong,
Prof. Roland T. Chin, Mr. Cheng Yan Kee, Dr. Kennedy Wong, Dr. Ronald Lu, Ms. Rosanna Choi
and Mr. Sunny Wong
(Back row from left) Mr. C.K. Yeung, Mrs. Lily Chan, Dr. David Mong, Dr. William Leung,
Dr. Elizabeth Law, Mrs. Susan So, Ms. Connie Wong, Mr. Norman Wu, Dr. Melanie Lee
and Mr. Edmund Li

The Election Meeting cum First Meeting of the Board of Governors 2018-20 of the HKBU Foundation was held on 25 January 2018.

At the Election Meeting, members agreed unanimously that Dr. Kennedy Wong, BBS, JP be the Chairman of the Foundation; Dr. Justin Chiu, Dr. Ronald Lu and Ir Professor K.K. Wong, GBS, JP be the Vice-Chairmen; Ms. Rosanna Choi be the Treasurer; and Dr. Wilfred Wong, GBS, JP serves as Chairman Emeritus.

Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP and Ir Professor K.K. Wong, GBS, JP have been reappointed Co-Chairmen of the Entrepreneur Committee under the Board of the Governors of the Foundation. Mr. Sunny Wong has been elected Chairman of the Alumni Committee.

The Board also announced that a new committee, the Young Entrepreneur Committee, has been established with the aim of offering advice to the University on ways to enrich students' learning experience and their global perspectives and to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit. The Co-Chairmen of this Committee are Ms. Chloe Suen and Mr. Ivan Wong.

Presided by Dr. Kennedy Wong, BBS, JP, the newly elected Chairman, the First Meeting of the Board of Governors was held to review and exchange views on the Foundation's fundraising strategies and financial status. Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor, also shared with members the Institutional Strategic Plan for 2018-2028 aiming at delivering the best student experience as well as achieving academic and research excellence. In addition, Ir Dr. Alfred Tan, Head of Knowledge Transfer Office, and Professor Ken Yung, Executive Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Head of the Department of Biology, presented to members the University’s research achievements.

All the appointments of Board and Committee Members take effect from 1 January 2018 for a term of three years. For the membership of the Board of Governors 2018-20, please click here.