Birthday Dinner in honour of Mr. Stanley Yim

13 May 2019

In celebration of the 60th birthday of Mr. Stanley Yim, BBS, JP, Chairman of S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Limited, the parent company of S.A.S. Lighting Company Limited, Director of the HKBU Foundation, his family hosted a birthday dinner for Mr. Yim on 13 May 2019 at Rosewood Hong Kong.

The birthday banquet was well attended by distinguished guests including Dr. Elizabeth Law, MH, Member of the Board of Governors of the HKBU Foundation; Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP, Co-Chairman of the Entrepreneur Committee of the Foundation, and Mrs. Mary Suen; as well as Dr. Maggie Ko, Senior Member of the Foundation. Representatives of the University also joined the dinner to extend their warmest congratulations to Mr. Yim. They included Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor, Mrs. Zina Chin, and Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation.