Meeting with Mr. Leong Ka Chai

28 May 2019

Mr. Leong Ka Chai, SBS, OBE, JP, Director of MaMa Charitable Foundation Limited met with Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation; and Dr. Chu Siu Cheung, Senior Lecturer of the Language Centre, Faculty of Arts, on 28 May 2019. During the meeting, Mr. Leong exchanged views on the future development of the Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition with the University’s representatives.

The Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition is a biennial competition, co-organised by the Faculty of Arts and the Language Centre, with the aim of arousing students’ interest in creative writing and enhancing the quality of their works. As a staunch supporter to the University, Mr. Leong made a total donation of HK$1 million in his name and through Mama Charitable Foundation Limited in 2008 and 2014 respectively in support of the Competition, so as to encourage the young people to pursue their interest in creative writing.