Dr. Moses Cheng, Dr. Victory Fung and Dr. David Li awarded Hong Kong Academy of Finance Fellows

26 June 2019

Two HKBU Foundation members and a donor of the University were awarded Fellows by the Hong Kong Academy of Finance on 26 June 2019, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Hong Kong, especially in the field of finance. They are:

  • Dr. the Hon. Moses Cheng Mo Chi, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP
    Member of the Board of Governors, HKBU Foundation
    Consultant of P.C. Woo & Co.
  • Dr. the Hon. Victor Fung Kwok King, GBM, GBS
    Honorary Permanent President, HKBU Foundation
    Chairman of Victor and William Fung Foundation Ltd.
  • Dr. the Hon. Sir David Li Kwok Po, GBM, GBS, JP
    Donor of the University
    Executive Chairman of The Bank of East Asia Ltd.