Sun Museum holds "Abbreviated Expressiveness in Chinese Painting" exhibition

25 July 2019

The Sun Museum, funded by the Simon Suen Foundation, Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation, is holding an exhibition entitled “Abbreviated Expressiveness in Chinese Painting”. The exhibition showcases Chinese art in two different mediums and periods: folk blue-and-white porcelain in the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as Chinese paintings by a modern artist Xie Zhiguang.

The Opening Ceremony was held on 25 July 2019. Officiating guests included Mr. Chan Shing Wai, Assistant Director of Leisure and Cultural Services; Dr. Kennedy Wong, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Board of Governors of HKBU Foundation; Ms. Angeline Yiu, Founding President of Jao Link; Dr. Tang Wai Hung, Collector of Yun Quan Studio; Dr. Simon Suen, BBS, JP and Ms. Chloe Suen, Founding Chairman and Chair respectively of the Simon Suen Foundation; and Mr. Yeung Chun Tong, Director of the Sun Museum. Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement and Secretary-General of the HKBU Foundation attended the ceremony on behalf of the University.

The two types of exhibits seem disparate but actually share a common ground. They both employ expressive painting techniques to depict flowers, figures and landscapes in simple lines and colours. The public can enjoy free admission by appointment and the exhibition will be held until 5 October 2019. Please click here for details.