HKBU establishes Project SEED to support graduating students

28 April 2020

In response to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and a bleak economic outlook on students’ university life and career opportunities, the University recently launched Project SEED, which aims to nurture Students through Engagement, Enhancement and Development. The projects have four directions:

SEED Mentorship: a stage-by-stage mentorship development programme is put in place to engage alumni in mentoring students on their personal and career development; 

SEED Jobs: career opportunities are successfully solicited for graduates, while there have been ongoing arrangements of job consultations, business referrals and references; 

SEED Internship: part-time work, internship experience and job attachment opportunities are provided to students and graduates; and 

SEED Incubator: training workshops and experience sharing sessions are planned with the aim of supporting student start-up ventures.

The new initiative aims to encourage students to engage more extensively with the community at large, enrich their outlook on life, and develop their professional competency for a rewarding career and eventually a fulfilling life. The University is in full steam ahead to the next phase of implementation. Please feel free to email us at to share your ideas and thoughts on the Project.