HKBU receives HK$3 million bequest from the late Dr. the Hon. Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales to establish sport awards scheme and support development of Faculty of Social Sciences

16 September 2021

HKBU received a bequest of HK$3 million from the late Dr. the Hon. Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, GBM, OBE, CBE, JP, GCIH, of which HK$1 million will be used for the establishment of sports awards to recognise students’ outstanding performance at the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong Competitions; HK$1 million will support the Faculty Student Development Endowment Fund; while the remaining HK$1 million will be designated for the University’s strategic development.

Known as the “Father of Hong Kong sport”, Dr. Sales was one of the founding members of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and devoted more than half a century to sports development in Hong Kong and internationally. He was also very supportive of the undergraduate physical education programme at HKBU. In 2006, he established the Mrs. Edith N. de O. Sales Scholarship to award outstanding postgraduate students of our Master of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management programme. In recognition of his significant contributions to society, an Honorary Doctor of Social Sciences was conferred on him by HKBU in 2001. Dr. Sales passed away in 2020. He was 100 years old.

Dr. Sales’s decision to leave his legacy to HKBU is another testimony for his love to education and sports. The University would like to express its heartiest gratitude to Dr. Sales’s trust in us.

Professor Daniel Lai, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sales for his great support. He said, “‘We Dare to Care!” is the theme of our Faculty’s 50th anniversary this year. It takes courage for us to engage with others to offer care to our students. Dr. Sales’s donation will definitely help our students develop their full potential in whole person education and strive for excellence.”