HKBU receives HK$500,000 from Mr.Yip Sing Kit

27 May 2015
(From left) Dr. Tam Ka Chai, Mrs. Lily Chan, Prof. Lam Kai Yin, Prof. Chow Kai Wing, Mr. Paul Lo, Mr. Yip Sing Kit, Mr. Chan Kai Keung, Ms. Gloria Ho, Prof. Clara Ho, Prof. Lee Kam Keung, Dr. Fan Wing Chung and Dr. Fan Guangxin

The University recently received a generous donation of HK$500,000 from Mr. Yip Sing Kit, alumnus of the Department of History. Of the donation, HK$200,000 each was designated for the establishment of the “Professor Lee Kam Keung Scholarship” and the “Professor Lam Kai Yin Scholarship” in honour of the retirement of Professor Lee and Professor Lam. The remaining HK$100,000 was made in support of the “Mr. Liu Chia Chu Memorial Scholarship”. 

Alumnus Yip and three other graduates of Class of 1984 including Ms. Gloria Ho, Mr. Chan Kai Keung and Mr. Paul Lo were invited by the Department of History to pay a visit to their alma mater on 27 May 2015. The Department hosted a dinner for the guests at Shiu Pong Hall to express its sincere appreciation for their staunch support over the years. Representatives of the University attending the dinner included Professor Clara Ho, Head of the Department of History; Professor Chow Kai Wing, Professor Lee Kam Keung, Professor Lam Kai Yin, Dr. Tam Ka Chai, Dr. Fan Guangxin and Dr. Fan Wing Ching, representatives of the Department of History; and Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement.