Visit by New Territories General Chamber of Commerce

07 June 2016
 (From left) Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, Dr. Sam Wong and Dr. Haywood Cheung received souvenirs from Prof. Roland Chin

Dr. Haywood Cheung delivered a speech

Dr. Raymond Chan introduced the School of Business to the guests

The delegation visited the Department of Journalism of the School of Communication

 The delegation visited the Academy of Visual Arts
 The delegation visited the School of Chinese Medicine

The guests exchanged views with HKBU representatives during the lunch

A delegation of 47 members from the New Territories General Chamber of Commerce (NTGCC), led by its President Dr. Haywood Cheung and Chairman Dr. Sam Wong, MH, paid a visit to the University on 7 June 2016. Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor, extended his warm welcome to all members of the delegation, including Ir Dr. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP, Honorary President of NTGCC, and The Hon. Felix Chung, Legislative Councillor and Consultant of NTGCC.

In his speech, Dr. Haywood Cheung said he was glad to have seen the rapid development of HKBU, particularly in arts and creativity education, since their last visit in 2011. Dr. Cheung hoped that the visit would enable members to have a better understanding of different aspects of HKBU and he looked forward to close collaboration between NTGCC and HKBU in working for the betterment of Hong Kong.

During the visit, Dr. Raymond Chan, Head of the Department of Accountancy and Law, gave an introduction to the recent developments at the School of Business. The delegation then visited the Department of Journalism of the School of Communication, the Academy of Visual Arts and the School of Chinese Medicine. They were warmly received by Professor Allan Chan, Associate Vice-President and Associate Dean of the School of Business; Professor Ricky Wong, Associate Vice-President; Professor Li Min, Director of the Teaching and Research Division of the School of Chinese Medicine; Dr. Leung Mee Ping, Associate Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts; and Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement.