HKBU welcomes delegation from Association of Founders

23 March 2017
 President Mr. Hancock Wong (2nd from left) and Vice President Mr. Tai Ngai Hang (2nd from right) received souvenirs from Dr. Albert Chau and Mr. Yeung Chee Kong
 Mr. Hancock Wong delivered a speech
 Dr. Albert Chau introduced to the delegation the latest developments of HKBU

Dr. Ludwig Chang gave a presentation on the School of Business

 The delegation found the facilities at the Academy of Film impressive
 The delegation toured around the School of Chinese Medicine
 The delegation had a fruitful exchange with HKBU representatives during the luncheon

A 21-member delegation from the Association of Founders, led by its President Mr. Hancock Wong, paid a visit to the University on 23 March 2017.

Dr. Albert Chau, Vice-President (Teaching & Learning), extended his warm welcome to the delegation for visiting the University despite their busy schedules. Dr. Chau, together with Dr. Alfred Tan, Head of Knowledge Transfer, presented to the delegation the latest developments of HKBU, as well as the University’s endeavour in providing experiential learning environment and opportunities for its students to broaden their scope of business and entrepreneurship knowledge. Dr. Chau and Dr. Tan looked forward to collaborating closely with the Association in providing more hands-on entrepreneurship opportunities for HKBU students.

In his speech, Mr. Hancock Wong admired the School of Business of HKBU for its vision in offering entrepreneurship programme that meet the needs of the Hong Kong society. Mr. Wong extended their appreciation to the University’s dedication to delivering holistic, creativity-inspiring and broad-based education. He expressed his sincere wish to strengthen ties between the Association and the University and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

The visit began with a presentation on the recent developments of the School of Business by Dr. Ludwig Chang, Associate Programme Director of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) of the School of Business. The delegation then visited the Academy of Film and the School of Chinese Medicine. They were warmly received by Mr. Yeung Chee Kong, Associate Vice-President (Engagement); Mrs. Lily Chan, Director of University Advancement; Professor Gordon Tang, Director of Student Affairs; and Dr. Liu Jing, Coordinator of the Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine. A luncheon was hosted by Dr. Chau after the visit.