Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition

23 April 2020

To arouse young people’s interest in writing and to enhance their creativity, HKBU’s Faculty of Arts and the Language Centre have held the Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition biennially since 2000.

The Competition has received staunch support from the Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation as well as the MaMa Charitable Foundation Limited. Up till now, a total of ten competitions have already been organised. Initially, only universities students and graduates who left the universities within three years could join the Competition. Starting from the 4th Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition onwards, a Teenage Writers Award targeting secondary school student writers has been established.

More than 2,000 entries have been received since the inception of the Competition, and a number of the award winners have become well-known young writers. The awardees’ works, together with comments made by renowned writers and reading guides written by editors, have also been published, allowing readers to explore our young people’s literary world.

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“I am deeply grateful to the donors for supporting this competition. To me, winning first prizes in the Poetry and the Novel divisions gave me a huge boost in my self-confidence and a great recognition of my efforts in the past. This competition not only arouses the interest of young people in writing, but also gives young writers a very good opportunity to showcase their literary creativity."

Li Chiu Chun
Champion (Novel) and Champion (Poetry) respectively of the 10th and
8th Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition
Alumnus of HKBU’s Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The 10th Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition was held in 2019