HKBU receives donation from Mr. Brian Cheng for innovative research and distribution of disinfection materials

12 May 2020
 (From Left) Mr. Lau Chun Hung, Principal of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, Mr. Brian Cheng, Mr. Chu Ting Hei, Student of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, Prof. Jonathan WC Wong and Dr. Stephen CW Sze, Research Assistant Professor of Department of Biology of HKBU

The University recently received a generous donation from Mr. Brian Cheng, Managing Director of GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Limited, in support of a research project conducted by the Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture. Led by Professor Jonathan Wong, MH, JP, Director of the Institute and Head of the Department of Biology, the project will study how indoor air quality can be improved with novel bioengineering and nanotechnology, and the effectiveness and persistence of nano-coating in disinfecting an indoor environment.

Mr. Cheng has provided support for the establishment of a scholarship, which will be awarded to outstanding students who study in HKBU’s first-ever Bachelor of Science in Bioresource and Agricultural Science Programme, helping the University nurture a new generation of agricultural professionals.

Moreover, Mr. Cheng also generously donated a tonne of EAW Sanitiser (an electrolysed activated water), chemicals that have a better effect than bleach in disinfecting and sterilising, and is much safer. With the hypochlorous acid as raw material, 50 tonnes of hand sanitiser can be produced, which will be distributed for free by the Department of Biology to around 15 NGOs, 20 schools and 20 elderly homes with the help of volunteers.

The University is deeply grateful for the generous contribution of Mr. Cheng, who not only assists HKBU in conducting innovative research but also collaborates with us to offer support to the needy in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Brian Cheng is Member of the Advisory Committee of HKBU’s Faculty of Science. His company, GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Limited, specialises in providing greening as well as nano-coating technology. To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, Mr. Cheng has provided free nano-coating services for several schools and the S-Gallery at HKBU.