HKBU establishes six interdisciplinary research labs to expand research strengths

04 June 2020

To expand its existing research strengths, the University has recently established six new interdisciplinary research laboratories, which will enable HKBU to embrace the data-driven world by applying advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to address frontier research issues.

Professor Guo Yike, Vice-President (Research and Development), expressed that with an inspiring cross-faculty research structure, the six laboratories will enable the University to radically break disciplinary boundaries and foster close engagement between sciences, arts and social sciences, helping HKBU researchers make new discoveries.

The six interdisciplinary research laboratories and their key research themes are as follows:

Augmented Creativity Laboratory
Augmenting human creativity, artificial intelligence and human-machine collaboration, and public policies and strategies for the creative industries.

Computational Medicine Laboratory
Therapeutics and new drug discovery, driven by traditional Chinese medicine research.

Data Economy Laboratory
New theories, business practices and technologies in today’s rapidly evolving web-based economic and financial context, in particular the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies as well as data capitalisation.

Ethical and Theoretical AI Laboratory
Basic theories of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on machine and cognitive behaviour studies, as well as central issues in philosophy, ethics, AI verifiability, and AI interpretability.

Smart Society Laboratory
Society’s future organisational structure, operation and development mode, in particular the intelligent social administration led by applications of big data technologies, and its unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

System Health Laboratory
The behavioural and wellbeing mechanisms that underpin complex systems including life, the environment, human society and web-based media.

The University has started the recruitment of top-tier research talent on a global scale to join the six new laboratories in the next three years. Please click here to learn more about HKBU’s research capabilities and endeavours.