Scholarships at HKBU: Broadening students’ horizons

08 April 2021

HKBU strives to provide a humanistic, culturally and intellectually diversified experience which cultivates a global outlook. Therefore, the University offers a number of exchange scholarships to support HKBU students participating in overseas conferences, competitions and exchange activities, so that they can broaden their horizons and global network, hence becoming worthy citizens who will contribute to the world.

Lun Wai Lam, an awardee of the C.Y. Tung Scholarship, and Chan Shing Yeuk, an awardee of the WKF Scholarship for Learning & Exchange in One Belt One Road Regions, have benefitted greatly from their exchange activities. Both of them indicate that they have had an unforgettable experience and come home with a global perspective.

“Thanks to the generous support of The Tung Foundation, I have sailed across the world for 107 days and learnt about different cultures through the “Semester at Sea” programme. It was no doubt a life-changing experience for me – it allows me to understand more about myself and find my passion. I hope that I can contribute to Hong Kong, a place I deeply love and where I belong.”

Lun Wai Lam (Applied Economics)
Awardee of the C.Y. Tung Scholarship

“With the donor’s kind support, I can participate in the Singapore Model United Nations. This experience not only enriches my knowledge of current affairs and international relations, but also strengthens my capabilities to get along with different people from around the world.”

Chan Shing Yeuk (Government and International Studies)
Awardee of the WKF Scholarship for Learning & Exchange in One Belt One Road Regions