Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation Dinner 2017

27 October 2017
 Chairman Wilfred Wong thanked donors for their generosity
 Prof. Roland Chin shared with guests the Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028
 Prof. Roland Chin presented a souvenir to Dr. Wilfred Wong
 Guests posed for a group photo
 (From left) Dr. William Leung presented souvenirs to students Karen Mak and Kit Mak for their Latin dance performance
 (From left) Chairman Cheng Yan Kee presented  souvenirs to students Claudia Lai and Edmond Chu for their vocal duet performance
 Vocal duet performance was highly praised by guests

The Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation Dinner was held at the Happy Valley Clubhouse of The Hong Kong Jockey Club on 27 October 2017. It provided a joyful occasion for the University to express its gratitude to members of the Board of Governors, Honorary Trustees, Honorary Permanent Presidents and Honorary Presidents of the HKBU Foundation as well as supporters of the University for their generosity and staunch support over the years.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Wilfred Wong, GBS, JP, Chairman of the HKBU Foundation’s Board of Governors, shared the University’s recent research achievements in international arena. He extended his grateful appreciation to the University’s friends from all sectors of society for their support and generosity over the years which have enabled the University to achieve further advancement and excellence in teaching and learning. He expressed his sincere wish that HKBU will become a leading liberal arts University in Asia for the world. 

In his speech, Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor, praised the former Chairmen of the Council and the Court and Presidents for their tremendous contributions to the development of the University over the decades. He also introduced HKBU’s ten-year Strategic Plan in which three selected research clusters namely Creative Media, Health and Drug Discovery as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will be of the University’s focuses.

The Dinner was well attended by around 130 distinguished guests including Mr. Cheng Yan Kee, BBS, JP and Mrs. Doreen Chan, Chairman and Treasurer respectively of the Council and the Court; Dr. Lau Wah Sum, GBS, OBE, JP, former Chairman of the Council and the Court; Professor Ng Ching Fai, GBS, former President and Vice-Chancellor; Ir Prof. K.K. Wong, GBS, JP, Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP and Dr. Ronald Lu, Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Governors; Dr. William Leung, SBS, JP, Chairman of the Alumni Committee; as well as Vice-Presidents, Associate Vice-Presidents and Deans.

The programme was enriched by students’ vocal and dance performances. Their marvellous performances made the Dinner an enjoyable and memorable evening for all the guests.

Since its inception in 2009, the HKBU Foundation has raised more than HK$1.3 billion and its membership has grown steadily from 131 to 633, making an impressive growth of more than three-fold.  This is a testament to society's support for and recognition of the work of the University.