HKBU receives HK$5 million donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation

26 June 2019
 Prof. Roland Chin expressed his gratitude for the donor's support
 Mr. Tin Hing Sin delivered a speech at the ceremony
 Mr. Tin Hing Sin and Prof. Roland Chin signed the agreement
 Dr. Clement Chen (first from right) and Prof. Roland Chin received a cheque for HK$5 million on behalf of the University from Mr. Tin Hing Sin and Mr. Tin Wing Sin (first from left)
 Dr. Clement Chen and Prof. Roland Chin presented a souvenir to the Tin Ka Ping Foundation
 Guests and representatives of HKBU posed for a group photo

HKBU recently received a generous donation of HK$5 million from the Tin Ka Ping Foundation (the Foundation) to inject into the “Tin Ka Ping Education Fund”. The donation will be used to expand the scope of the existing “Mainland China Visiting Scholars Programme” to enhance academic exchange and collaboration between HKBU and institutions on the Mainland, thereby strengthening the University’s teaching and research capacities. In addition, the Foundation made another donation in support of the “Chinese Writers’ Workshop” (CWW) to be organised by the Faculty of Arts. The Workshop aims at enhancing literary creativity and the promotion of Chinese culture among students at secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong.

In recognition of the Foundation’s generosity, an agreement signing cum cheque presentation ceremony was held on 26 June 2019. It was officiated by Mr. Tin Hing Sin, Chairman of the Foundation Board; Mr. Tin Wing Sin, Director of the Foundation Board; Dr. Clement Chen, GBS, JP, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU; and Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU.

Founded by the late Dr. the Hon. Tin Ka Ping, GBM, MBE, in 1982, the Foundation has been an ardent supporter of HKBU.  Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tin Hing Sin expressed that Dr. Tin and HKBU shared a deep friendship over the years. It is gratifying that the Foundation and the University share the same vision in promoting whole person education. An advocate of education, Dr. Tin believed that the future of China lies in education. With the imminent launch of the Government’s Eighth Matching Grant Scheme in July 2019, the Foundation hopes that the University will be able to obtain more resources in support of the advancement of education, thereby nurturing more outstanding young talent for the benefit of the community.

In his address, President Chin expressed his heartiest gratitude to the Tin Ka Ping Foundation for its longstanding support towards the University over the years. He said Dr. Tin was a well-respected philanthropist and an exemplary role model for the young generation. The Foundation has made donations in support of various endeavours of the University. In particular, the “Tin Ka Ping Education Fund” was established in 2008 in support of the “Mainland China Visiting Scholars Programme” with the aim of facilitating academic exchange activities between HKBU and institutions on the Mainland. The injection of HK$5 million into the Fund will be used to expand the scale of the Programme and will enable more Mainland outstanding scholars to visit HKBU. It can also foster closer ties between HKBU and tertiary institutions on the Mainland. 

Apart from the HK$5 million donation, the University is also grateful to have received another generous contribution from the Foundation to support the CWW to be organised by the Faculty of Arts, which aims to arouse the interest of young students in creative writing and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. President Chin looked forward to have more fruitful collaboration with the Foundation in advancing educational development through the promotion of moral education and Chinese culture.

In appreciation of the Foundation’s support towards HKBU, a special souvenir comprised of a piece of wooden crave with the word “Appreciation” engraved by Dr. Daniel Lau, Associate Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts, was presented to the Foundation.